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Manufacturing in ISO standard facilities, IKO stands ahead of the world's roofing manufacturers. Homeowners and businesses in Canada, USA, Europe, UK, London, Belgium, Austria, and so on choose IKO for the quality. IKO's residential and commercial roofing products, insulation, and water proofing products are exported to over 96 countries around the world. IKO also is a manufacturer of building envelope products, built-up roofing, green roofing, and thermal insulation products. IKO is the most vertically integrated companies in the roofing market.

IKO manufactures all the components required for installing shingles such as the underlayment, nailing strips, roof starters, eave protection, and so on. This results in a durable roof for its customers. IKO started as a family owned business in Canada but has expanded all over the world. IKO won the Supplier of the Year award due to its technical support, contractor certification programs, as well as the quality and reliability of its products.

Here is a short glimpse in to IKO's vertical integration.

IKO Warranty

Numerous options

IKO offers interesting warranty options for its residential shingles. The manufacturers warranty is applicable only when installed as per IKO instructions, local building codes, and by a certified roofing contractor. The shingles applied under each warranty must be checked for the warranty options available for that shingle.

IKO Warranty FAQs provides detailed information about its warranty from IKO.

Home owners must ship the damaged shingles for a detailed analysis of the product. It is also necessary to transfer the ownership of warranty from seller when you are buying home from another homeowner and the shingles are already installed. In case of transfer of ownership, a transfer fee is applicable. Homeowners must notify about the concern within 30 days of noticing it. The Claim packet must include proof that the shingles are IKO shingles and the home owner is indeed the owner of the shingles as well. Clear color photographs must be sent for analysis. Remember that your roofing contractor is not an IKO Warranty Claims representative.


IKO has lots of choices with warranty options and a number of exclusions and limitations. Consider all the options and discuss with your insurance representative before filing a claim. IKO Warranty covers only the damage due to the manufacturer defect in the shingles and not by any other damage.

Limited High Wind Warranty

Winds up to 130 miles per hour*

Dynasty, Armourshake, Cambridge HD, Cambridge, Crowne Slate, Cambridge IR, RoofShake HW, and Royal Estate shingles fall under the Limited Wind Resistance category and are covered for blow offs during the first fifteen years. The standard Limited wind resistance coverage for blow offs due to winds up to 110 miles per hour. The standard wind resistance coverage for the Marathon series is 60 miles per hour.

The Standard Limited Wind Resistance warranty for the shingles can be upgraded to Limited High Wind Warranty. Special application is required in order to avail this warranty. The High Wind Warranty covers blow offs due to wind up to 130 miles per hour. For Marathon shingles, there is no high wind application warranty in the USA. Again, check with your roofing contractor and IKO representative for the coverage options.

IKO Wind Warranties are applicable only under certain conditions such as the shingles are applied with nails provided by IKO and not stapled. Further, for the high wind resistance warranty, IKO roofing components must be used. Additional nails may be needed depending up on the type of the shingle. Also, there is no warranty applicable if the shingles blow off before the IKO self-sealing strip seals.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Up to 25 years*


IKO shingles such as the Dynasty, Armourshake, Cambridge HD, Cambridge, Crowne Slate, Cambridge IR, RoofShake HW, and Royal Estate shingles fall under the Limited Lifetime warranty. For any non-single family residential home, the limited lifetime warranty period is up to 40 years. Further, IKO mandates that some of the shingles must be installed with specific IKO roofing components in order to file a claim. The traditional 3-tab shingles from IKO such as the Marathon series have warranty periods depending on the model applied.

IKO Warranty is prorated and IKO's obligation will reduce with the number of years from the shingles applied. Further, the replacement shingles will have warranty for only the remaining period of the original warranty. Asphalt shingles blow offs are covered in the first five years in the Limited Lifetime warranty. Check with your local IKO representative for more information.

Iron Clad Protection

Not Prorated During the term*


Iron Clad Protection from IKO implies that the coverage is not prorated in the specified term. This protection is applicable only if the shingles are installed as per IKO specifications. IKO Iron Clad Protection is applicable on certain shingles within three to ten years of applying them. The Iron Clad Protection covers defected shingles that are causing leaks. The coverage includes the cost of the shingles but does not include the tear offs and other accessories. The maximum liability for IKO in case of defective shingles is the cost of shingles and reasonable cost of installing them. After the Iron Clad Protection period is completed, the coverage is prorated.

Algae Resistance

First 10 years*

Algae resistance

IKO shingles are manufactured with inbuilt algae resistant granules. The algae resistant granules will inhibit algae growth which in turn protects the roof from dark streaks and mold growth. For most of the IKO shingles, algae resistance warranty is up to 10 years. For certain Marathon series, the coverage is up to five years. Contact your local IKO agent for more information.


The shingles covered by this warranty contain material that prevents discoloration by algae. The Algae coverage is prorated and will cover the costs of cleaning the affected areas. The maximum liability for IKO differs according to the type of shingle applied.


Olde Town Group

Additional warranty

Olde Town Group Logo

Owned by Sean Vogler, Olde Town Group is the most popular contractor in the Midwest. Olde Town Group specializes in roofing, siding, windows, and home improvement products. They work year round and install roofing and siding. Olde Town Group is partnering with IKO roofing, CertainTeed products, James Hardie siding, Andersen windows, and so on to bring quality products to customers. Olde Town Group is famous for rapid response teams, custom services, and cleanup after their work.

Olde Town Group offers additional warranty on top of the manufacturer warranty. These include the double lifetime guarantee, 10 year workmanship guarantee, lien release guarantee, in-house service request guarantee, and so on. For an additional amount, customers can upgrade the manufacturer warranty to last for another five years. Olde Town Group is licensed, bonded, and insured for operation in multiple states.

Olde Town Roofing Logo

Roofing Division

Their roofing division, Olde Town Roofing, is a Shield Pro Plus certified roofing contractor from IKO. They are also a SELECT Shingle Master from Certain Teed. The group has installed some of the largest federal and commercial James Hardie siding in the area. They offer premium products and services to customers. Being a certified contractor assures customers the service and quality from Olde Town Group. Ask Olde Town Group for the shingles available in your area and the warranty options you can choose from. Call Olde Town Group at 5637239940 or 3097385550 or 3095171676 for more information.

Here is a short introduction about Olde Town Group from its owner, Sean Vogler.

IKO Warranty

* Check with your local IKO representative for the current terms and conditions applicable.